Gold Bullion Coins

Gold coins are around since thousands and thousands of years and are the second most popular gold bullion, after gold bars, for private investors. Most modern gold bullion coins you can buy today are pretty much equal in worth their weight in gold but there are a few differences between the various coins that are available for sale today. Below is all the information you need on gold coins.

Types of Gold Coins

When it comes to investing in gold there are 2 types of gold coins you need to distinguish from eachother; the ancient/old collector gold coins and modern gold coins used as gold bullion. The modern gold bullion coins are your best bet if you want to invest purely in gold. The collector gold coins are not optimal for gold investing since you pay a higher price for them(they are worth more because of their historic value). So the gold bullion coins is where you need to focus on when it comes to gold investments.

Different Bullion Coins in Different Regions

There are many gold coins for sale in the world. Below are a few of the most popular ones:

Krugerrand (South African): The Kruggerrand also has a 91.67% pureness and is around since 1967. The Kruggerrand is widely recognized and used as an investors' coin all over the world.
Gold Eagle (American): The Gold Eagle has a 91.67% pureness and has been around since 1986 and is heavily used by private investors in the United states but also elsewhere in the world.
Brittania (United Kingdom): The Brittania conists out of 91.67% pure gold and has been minted since 1987.
Gold Nugget (Australian): The Gold Nugget has a 99.99% pureness has been produced since 1986. It's the most popular coin in Australia and is also used by private gold investors in the rest of the world.
Maple Leaf (Canadian): The Maple Leaf conists out of 99.99% gold and is around since 1979.
Gold Panda (Chinese): The Gold Panda is a Chinese bullion coin made since 1989 with a 99.90% pureness. It is rarer as all the above coins.


Almost all modern gold bullion coins all over the world weigh exactly 1oz, which equals 31.1 grams(learn more about gold weight units here). However, 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 and 1/2oz coins are also quite common. The more popular gold bullion coins (like the Gold Nugget or Maple Leaf) are an example of that.


All of the common gold bullion coins have a gold purity ranging between 90% and 99.99%. It is your task to find out how much gold is inside the coins you want to buy.


The price of gold coins vary heavily. A good rule of thumb when buying gold coins as an investment in gold is to never pay more as 5% above your coins' worth in gold. When buying your coins, the best thing to do is to look at the daily gold market price before you buy them. With that knowledge you calculate how much your coins weigh in gold and calculate how much their weight is worth. If the resulting number is close to the price you are about to pay for the gold coins you are good to go.


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