How To Invest In Gold Jewellery

Although investing in gold bullion is your best choice when you want to buy gold as an investment, gold jewellery is also a possibility. The major difference with bullion is that jewellery is usually more expensive because it needs to be crafted. But the advantage of gold jewellery is that it can be used both as fashion and as an investment.

Purity of Your Gold Jewellery

The major thing you need to look out for when you buy gold jewellery is how pure the gold of the jewellery is. The majority of the time, the jewellery will be made out of gold mixed with other metals. To learn more about gold purity or how to found out how pure your gold is, visit our test gold purity information page.

Gold Coated Jewellery

Most of the gold jewellery you will find is gold coated, either filled or plated. Gold coated jewellery is not recommended when buying gold as an investment, simply because the gold will slowly wear off if you wear the jewellery regularly. Gold filled jewellery is usually made of a cheap metal with an outside layer of gold. There's also "gold plated" jewellery, this gold jewellery typically has a thinner layer of gold and has less endurance as gold filled jewellery. Gold plated jewellery is often called "gold washed" jewellery.

Solid Gold Jewellery

Your best buy when buying gold jewellery as an investment is to buy quality gold jewellery, meaning jewellery made out of around 18K gold or higher. Gold Jewellery is hardly ever made out of pure 24K gold. It exists, but it's very uncommon. An advantage of solid gold jewellery is that it hardly "wears off" when wearing and is known to be friendlier to the skin as gold coated jewellery because it isn't made of the cheap metals that gold coated jewellery is usually made of. Always make sure you actually buy real gold by checking if there is a gold mark present on your jewellery.

Tip For Investing In Gold Jewellery

When you want to buy gold jewellery mainly as an investment, it's smart to compare the price of your jewellery with the actual daily gold market price to see how much the actual gold inside the jewellery is worth and how much you are paying for the jewellery on top of the actual gold price( for the crafting that was done to your jewellery and additional precious metals that might be crafted inside/on the jewellery). Also compare different jeweller shops with eachother for the best prices.


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