Gold Weight Units

There are different standards in the world when it comes to weight units for weighing gold. Although the most often used weight units are Grams and oz(ounce), in some regions different weight units are used. Below are all the different weight units used all over the world to weigh gold.

Weight Units Explained

Gram: The Gram is the most popular weight unit for weighing gold. It's most often used in European countries but also used quite often in the rest of the world
oz: The oz(Troy Ounce) is a close second in popularity. It is most used in North America, UK and some other english-speaking countries like Australia but also quite often in the rest of the world.
Tael: The Tael is a gold weight unit used in chinese-speaking states like China and Taiwan.
Tola: The Tola is a weight unit used to measure gold in mostly Middle Eastern countries like India and Pakistan.
Baht: The Baht is used in Taiwan
Dons: Dons is a weight unit used to weigh gold in Korea
Chi: The Chi is a Vietnamese weight unit

Weight Units Calculated

1 gram = 0.03oz
1 oz = 31.1g
1 Tael = 37.4g or 1.2oz
1 Tola = 11.6g or 0.375oz
1 Baht = 15.2g or 0.49oz
1 Dons = 3.8g or 0.12oz
1 Chi = 3.8g or 0.12oz


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