Investing In Gold - How To Start

Whether you are a professional investor, small investor or a person with no experience in investing at all; investing in gold is a safe way of securing your savings with almost a guarentee of making a profit. In the last decade, gold prices have quadruppled and are climbing every year. Below is a guide on how to start investing in gold today.

Choosing Percentage of Your Savings/Portfolio

First decide how much of your investment portfolio or your savings you want to invest in gold. This is something you got to decide for yourself. Always count in all the scenario's that might take place when you might need your savings. Only invest that part of your savings where you are sure of you don't need in the near future. That is all the preperation you need to do, the next step is to start investing!

Option 1: Invest in Gold Shares (Recommended)

The most common option to invest in gold is to set up a brokerage account with a gold exchange traded fund. This option is the easiest and fastest way of buying and selling gold. The biggest advantage of using a ETF is that you can manage your gold like buying/selling a stock. Go to our Gold Shares Investing page for more info.

Option 2: Investing In Real Gold

The first gold invest option you have is to actually buy real gold bars and gold coins, also called gold bullion. You can store the gold in a safe deposit at your preferred bank or in your personal home safe. The only two real downsides to storing real gold is that it's a hussle to sell and that there's the risk of theft. An advantage of this option is that you always have another (universal) currency as money to pay with in scenario's you might need it.
Surf to our Gold Bullion Investing page for more info on this.

So How Do I Start?

When you've chosen Option 1 the only thing you need to do is set up a standard brokerage account. With this brokerage account you can buy and sell gold ETF shares.

When you've chosen Option 2 and you want to by real gold, any certified gold seller will do. There are several places all over the world where you can buy gold coins, bullions or even gold bars. Just watch out that you actually buy real gold and that your gold is not overpriced.


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